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Don’t Wait ‘Til the Water Runs Dry

Have you measured your tank lately? This week I did and noticed it was low!  But I have grown so much. Instead of having a debilitating meltdown, I took a day off to prevent one. I recently noticed a sub on campus (finally!). When I felt the onslaught of obligations leading up to an energy […]

How I Teach: Long Division

Long division is my least favorite math unit.  I am positively giddy when a student arrives already having learned it. Leap forward two spaces to word problems, kid.  It’s just so tedious. I also can’t decide whether it is important or not. Because calculators. There is no need to pull out a pad of paper […]

Slowly, Slowly

The first six weeks of school are a tender time.  Everyone is another year older and anxiously wondering what the next grade will bring. There are new faces to learn and routines to remember. We are still shaking off the sleepiness of summer. It is now the fourth full week of school and October. Finally […]

Becoming an Author

While I have been writing less on the blog these past few months, I assure you I have been writing (something other than lesson plans, directions for students, and emails to parents!) I have been slowly leaking the news out that I have two books contracted for publishing – now I am ready to make […]

Summer Sights: Yosemite National Park

I am ending a month long sojourn back home to California. Whoever says they don’t teach for the summers off is lying. I love living in Maryland, but probably because I have enough time over summer break to fill my cup as a 3rd generation Californian and to indoctrinate my son in our pleasant and […]

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