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Digging Deeper into Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming is a middle grade classic and truly a work of art.  A memoir about how the South shaped her life and how she came to dream of being a writer, Jacqueline Woodson beautifully portrays her childhood in a powerful verse novel.  She touches on many relatable themes such as family, friendship, home, […]

Black History Month Refresh

Today is Monday, February 1st. Such a neat and tidy beginning to Black History Month.  Hopefully, there is already programming in place in your classroom, school, or organization to commemorate it.  I hope even more that this month is not the first time Black History is being taught nor will it be confined to the […]

3 Picture Books for Suffering Times

Last night was terrible. Today I am exhausted. It wasn’t that anything changed. Everything outside my window looks exactly the same. I had to remind myself that this is the same suffering that happens everyday. Last night it was just a spectacle. Today it is just tiring. It is times like these I am glad […]

2020: Still Processing

There isn’t much to say about 2020 except it was a helluva year.  There isn’t much to say about 2021 except I am glad I will be here for it. Over 300,000 Americans and almost 2 million people around the world won’t, and that is worth remembering.  Yes, it was a helluva year.   Lately, I […]

Teaching the Teacher: November Selections

I don’t teach because I know everything; I teach because I want to know everything. ~ Teacher Lesley I’ve figured out that the moment you cease to be curious about what you teach, you cease to be of use to your students.  In my commitment to becoming a master teacher, I am also committing to […]

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