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Teaching TKAM? Read these!

If you have to teach TKAM, there are a few books I recommend to supplement both teacher and student understanding AND to bring the book into the 21st century. Adding these books increased my students’ exposure to non-fiction texts and also brought in the external ideas we needed to read TKAM critically. Just Mercy the […]

Teaching Hard History: TKAM & Lynching

If you teach To Kill A Mockingbird, you should teach the truth about lynching. For the past two years, I have taken the opportunity of this book to tell students about my work with the Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project. I give a presentation to all four sections of English that includes definitions of lynching, […]

Why I Will Continue Teaching

I recently met up with a dear childhood friend who is an excellent teacher. She said she is tired and taking a break next year. She plans to return to the classroom after a bit of time off. I hope she does come back to teaching; I will understand if she doesn’t. The last two […]

A Writer’s Life: On “Enoughness”

Whew. The last blog entry is a long time ago. When I initially started, I hoped to post every Friday. I teach every day of the week and have more than enough material, but that just isn’t possible at the moment. I suspect most you don’t want to receive updates that often anyways, unless I […]

Embracing Uncertainty: A Brave Voyage

Yesterday it was over 60 degrees here in the DMV. Today there are several inches of snow on the ground and a howling wind.  What a difference a storm makes.  The weather is a really good teacher about what it means to embrace uncertainty and change. Even though humans have learned to track and predict […]

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