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Homework for Juneteenth

After two days of celebrating our new federal holiday, I confess I remain conflicted. But the ship has sailed, so to speak, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. I am ultimately a team player.  I personally had a lovely day.  I did The Black Sit with Reverend angel Kyoto williams and a stellar […]

Business or Busy-ness

I didn’t post in the month of May. Ironically, last month marked the one month anniversary of this blog. I should probably feel a certain way about that, but I don’t. Over the last year, I have learned to trust the ebb and flow of my energy more. Sometimes I have a lot to give […]

Ars Poetica

April is Poetry Month and there is still one more week to celebrate! There is so much good stuff to share. If you are looking for classroom inspiration try: The Dear Poet Project 2021 Poems of Hope and Resistance The Parkmont Poetry Festival for Students Lift Every Voice AAPI Women: Untold Stories Through Poetry Unit […]

Happy Earth Day 2021!

April is for flowers and rain showers and celebrating our beautiful and bountiful Planet! I really loved the unit I taught on Earth Day last year so I’ve turned it into a Google Slides hyperdoc that any middle school student can do at home or school. They may need a little help with the research, […]

Heavy Is the Wait

It’s a difficult time. I am currently reading and writing a lot about slavery while presenting a ton about lynching though my work with the Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project. My English classes are also deep into the trial of Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mockingbird. They already know Atticus and Tom lose. There […]

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