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Summer Sights: Yosemite National Park

I am ending a month long sojourn back home to California. Whoever says they don’t teach for the summers off is lying. I love living in Maryland, but probably because I have enough time over summer break to fill my cup as a 3rd generation Californian and to indoctrinate my son in our pleasant and […]

Supporting Pride 365

Happy July! I just finished the third and final season of Pose two nights ago – so good! If you’ve never watched, I highly recommend. I deeply appreciate how this excellent series both entertains and educates. I have goals to read people like Elektra – that lady knows the meaning of comeback! Pose has been […]

Sonya Clark’s Tatter, Bristle, Mend

Dear Sonya Clark, Today I had an extraordinary experience visiting your exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts entitled Tatter, Bristle, and Mend. I am so glad you posted about your recent visit to finally see your own art show, which reminded me that I had been meaning to work up the […]

Homework for Juneteenth

After two days of celebrating our new federal holiday, I confess I remain conflicted. But the ship has sailed, so to speak, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. I am ultimately a team player.  I personally had a lovely day.  I did The Black Sit with Reverend angel Kyoto williams and a stellar […]

Business or Busy-ness

I didn’t post in the month of May. Ironically, last month marked the one month anniversary of this blog. I should probably feel a certain way about that, but I don’t. Over the last year, I have learned to trust the ebb and flow of my energy more. Sometimes I have a lot to give […]

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