Adam Gidwitz Returns!

Our second visit from Adam Gidwitz was postponed because of the snow day, but when we finally had the chance to reschedule, it was worth the wait!  Adam read us another section of his book and this time we focused on descriptions using the 5 senses. 

When an author appeals to the reader’s senses of smell, sight, sound, taste, and feeling, they create a world that seems even more real.  We are going to try and do that in our stories!  He also talked about using our own emotions and experiences when writing.  We all have been happy, sad, disappointed, angry, and scared.  If we can tap into how we might have felt in those situations, we can create believable characters that our readers will care about.  

We were sad for the class to end, but Adam told us he will be speaking at the Middle School Book Fair!  Thanks Adam for all you have taught us about writing – see you soon!

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