Comic Brer Rabbit

After reading dozens of Brer Rabbit Tales, we are ready to retell them in our own way – as graphic stories created using a super cool Mac program called Comic Life.    In addition to illustrations, graphic novelists have to think carefully about panels, speech and thought bubbles, sound effects, narration, and what might be happening in the “gutter”.  We learned how to scan images and manipulate every element of a comic page from the font to the panel shape.  We are drawing all of our images and find that we can change how they look in the digital world with the press of a button. We will crop, zoom in, and layer to get the look we want.  It is really important to stay true to the stories so we are also experimenting with tone, accent, and language to really capture the voice of these timeless Southern stories.  Watch out for our final versions!

Coming Soon:


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