On Writing: Facing Our Fears

Happy Halloween! I thought about sharing something teaching related this month like our recent podcast project or how I am building a growth mindset math classroom buuut I’ve been swamped and ran out of time. Instead I’m sharing my first scary short story which I wrote as a submission to an upcoming coming book anthology called the 50 Haunted States. It wasn’t selected but I’m still proud of how I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new genre. Plus I learned about some local folklore.

The Goatman of Beltsville

Cry Baby Bridge (Read the Story)

Meanwhile, tomorrow is November 1 and the start of NaNoWriMo, which I’ve taught but never participated in as a writer. I do have a novel idea though and it’s time to carpe diem. My modest goal is 500 words a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if I follow through? I’ll add 15,000 words to my project. It’s time for me to get over my fear of long work and just invest in the process of daily generation.

Meanwhile meanwhile I’ve been submitting poetry everywhere because the more I send my work out into the world, the less I fear rejection. I am learning to find joy in the Try and the odds are eventually someone will say Yes. Right??

At the end of the day, writing is a scary art, but like a good haunted house, the thrill is worth it.

One thought on “On Writing: Facing Our Fears

  1. I enjoyed the story (though not much on horror, this was okay for me). It was physically evocative (the fog in particular) so brava for tackling something new Teacher Lesley!

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