Chinatown Trip = Delightful and Delicious

On February 3rd Younge House journeyed back to lower Manhattan  – this time to Chinatown.   The most exciting part was being there on Chinese New Year!  We saw decorations, closed businesses, and long lines at the Buddhist temples, not to mention dancing lions, firecrackers, and drum parades! We visited The Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA), which reopened last year in a beautiful new spaced designed by Maya Lin, and had a great time learning even more about the history of Chinese immigration to America.  Working in groups we looked at specific topics  such as the Gold Rush, laundry businesses, general stores, and World War II, using artifacts in the museum.  Then we prepared presentations to teach the other groups what we learned.

Afterwards we dined in style at the Grand Harmony Palace on Mott St. @ Canal, sampling General Tso’s chicken, vegetable lo mein, dumplings, and spring rolls.  Everyone agreed it was DEEE-LICIOUS.  The dancing lions even came into the restaurant!  There is so much to see and do, it would be worth a family trip!


One thought on “Chinatown Trip = Delightful and Delicious

  1. It was VERY delightful and VERY delicous! The many colors and constant excitement of the unique “town” inspired me to expand my palette and mind! Thank you Chinatown and Ms. Younge for letting me have a blast while learning a lot!

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